Thursday, February 2, 2012

What colors do we get with Caffcol I?

The recipe for Caffcol is, by now, the very first version witch will be slowly changed if needed. The bleacher I am using is changing a little the colors I got with Tetenal. It is, although very diluted, acting in one minute. I am afraid that if I let more time the colors will be washed out.
So, what colors really result from this version I of Caffcol? If I make nothing but only adjust luminosity and contrast, I will get a blueish picture like this one:

But in fact the sofa is green, that means we don't get the real colors. What must then be done to get more realistic colors? Suggestions are wellcome. I don't know about colors behaviour, what layer is prevailing, what layer is weaker. I looked for information on negative color film (AGFA Vista + 100), and the first layer is the blue sensitive and gives yellow, the reverse of blue.

I have no idea what is happening during the process, but I suspect the bleacher is bleaching the upper layers...
Will I succeed diluting more the bleacher? Or must I change this one for another? I don't know, I will just try more.

Today I used a 200 ASA film from Fuji and exposed it as I do for 100 ASA. The image is more dense, I thought it was better, because I am obtaining somehow weak negatives.

The upper negative is 200 ASA and the lower is 100 ASA
 And now a positive of the FUJI film above:

Fuji 200 ASA

I don't think it is better than the photo with AGFA 100 ASA. The over-exposure did not work.

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