Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bad news, good news

I used the same 2nd bath that I already used in former experiments for the development at 20ºC. Then I tested it too at 38ºC and the result was the same as for 20ºC, or worst! This means perhaps that this 2nd bath is not efficient in developing color anymore.

I changed now the second bath with a new one made of 9g Sodium Hydroxide, 20 g Sodium Bicarbonate and 20g coffee for 1 liter. I developed for just 10 minutes at 25ºC (because the negs are coming too dark), and I am waiting now for the film to dry. It looks more colored, the rest I don't know.
Thanks for waiting. I have now a problem with the grain. This developer is too basic (pH 12 or 13) and in the 10 minutes it lasts I have been agitating it. After this experiment, I already returned to the soft sodium carbonate instead of hydroxide, and I am waiting again for the film to dry. It is a little thin but maybe less grainy.

Here are some of the strong grainy developer:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Final note: Indeed it gives more color, but I have to get the grain out!

Actualization on 13th March 2012

Observation on the above NEW SCANNED photos. The grain is present but it is not like in the macro digital photos posted before. I replace the first posted iimages with this new scanned ones. Many thanks to Epson V330.

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