Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The devil is in the details

I can now tell you that it is possible to develop color negative films, using a small portion of special chemicals, maybe only CD4, Potassium Dichromate and Potassium Thiossulfate. They allow us, with addition of common washing soda, coffe, lemon juice and sulfuric acid to prepare the three important baths: developer, bleacher and Fixer. Stabilizer is formaldehyde, not difficult to obtain, but a dangerous thing.

A - Caffcol; B - Bleacher; C - Fixer
The three jars above contain the liquids I needed to develop the photo that I show bellow. There is still a lot to do, to get vivid colors in the photos, but the principle works, that is clear.

Red pilow on light green sofa
Well, now the figures: I used Caffcol as already described here and made a 30 minutes development to be on the safer side; then, after rinse 3 times, I used the bleach bath described in the previous post diluted in the proportion 1 to 2; just one minute of this bath and then rinse and fix for 3 minutes. That's all by now!|

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