Friday, October 9, 2015

I am back to Dignan's 2-bath C41

I could use a 500ml batch of the multipurpose developer I suggested in the latest posts a couple of times, maybe 6 times in the period of one month or so. It is now exhausted and colors got a little less vivid. I decided to use the last prepared baths A and B of Dignan's (slightly modified by me) that stayed all the last month at shelf, after have been used a couple of times. They worked splendid, what means that this method is much cheaper than the one bath solution. My main and only problem now is to find the best agitation process because I already understood that C-41 needs a constant and gentle agitation during the bath B in order to avoid uneven development. The best would be a motorized agitation but certainly not that cheap. I have to see if I find some time to produce a homemade agitator.

And her are some pictures made with my Agfa Clack, one of the best simple cameras I ever found.