Monday, December 3, 2012

A bellows camera made by myself

I started making the bellows, the most difficult part. I didn't know whether I could pass this step successfully and perhaps would need to buy one at ebay. But it did work satisfactorily. Then I took a wooden box and transformed it to the camera body. The cover of the box served as lensboard. With aluminum profiles I made the sliding rails for the plates and the monorail focusing system. Here a paper spring holder cares about the necessary sliding friction and position fixing. As a separate piece I made a guilhotine shutter using also a ring from a broken Konica as lens adapter with 3 screws to fix the 55 mm lens tube. The lens were taken from a binocular.

I also made a ground glass, a plate holder (I am using paper) and a pistol grip to prevent flickering during shutter operation. The shutter may be operated trough a normal shutter release cable and we may also use a timer like shown in the film bellow.

If you have interest in the plans of this camera, please leave your contact.