Monday, May 21, 2018

Thank you for waiting

Since quite a long time, I found no time to go on with my experiments on color photography. But I have been busy taken pictures and developing and scanning and publishing at Flickr.

After trying Dignan 2-bath method for more than one year, tweaking here and there, developing at room temperature, I may now say that it is a very good idea but it also has disadvantages. The bath A doesn't last that long as the author desired and you have to live with some color shift to green in negatives, magenta in positive.

Last October I came to another approach by Bill Williams, that I tried to simplify creating a 2-solutions color developer, like used in commercial color kits. But I was not so sure whether this would not conduct me at the end to a standard color developer, like many other fans of color film photography do.

So, I prepared 500 ml of a standard color developer that I am using since more than a month (six rolls and still going). I am using the developer with a start temperature of 42ºC (I don't have a JOBO device) and until now the results are very good for me. The recipe may be found here, for instance.

Some results of using the standard color developer: