Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let's try it with powder

Today I ordered 100g of CD4, the P-Phenylenediamine derivate that is used in C41 processed films and that I also mix in my homemade Caffcol.

I am wondering now if the 5% solution I need  is prepared putting, for instance, 5 g in 100g total solution weight. In the absence of any advise, I am assuming so. And if it is right, this also means that the 20 ml/liter of a 5% solution I am using now only has 1g of CD4 and develops, for sure, more than one roll. In this particular it should be comparable to the 20 or more from the Tetenal kit. But it is still too soon to make this calculations.

I haven't made photos today, I leave you with one from yesterday


Trond Solem said...

The C41 developer uses about 5g CD4 per liter of developer and it is ment to be reused for developing 10 to 12 films.
The Tetenal bottle is ment to be diluted to 1L and contains about 5g CD4.
When you use 20ml from a 100ml bottle with a 5% solution, you get 1g/L of CD4.
This is about 1/5 of what is neccessary to make the developer work.
Reusing the developer for 10 to 12 films is cheaper than using 20ml of that 100ml bottle and flushing it afterwards.
I am looking forward to see what results you can get when you get the CD4 powder.

H. Sousa said...

Yes, and maybe my pH meter arrives too and help me solve the problem of the grain. The scanner must wait, I will continue to make macros of the negatives. A good scanner costs a lot and a cheap one doesn't make better, I already tried one.
About the economy of CD4 I think it will be more or less the same.
Thanks for commenting here.