Monday, February 20, 2012

Slowly but it goes!

In the last post I showed you photos whose negatives were treated differently, but still very far from a color picture.

Today I insisted in the idea of the split developer, with two baths but I also tried stand developing only with a unique bath CD-4&Coffee, with a very bad result.

The last try, however, lead to a more satisfactory result, I made a two bath development, one bath only CD-4 (with drops of lemon to prevent oxidation) during 10 minutes, but it could be less, I think, and the other bath only Caffenol made with 7 g soda and 14 g coffee for 500ml. The former bath of CD-4 had 15 g CD-4 pro Liter, and probably needs more. Next time! I made this choice because the first time I made split with coffee instead of just soda, the image appeared but was very thin. That meant for me: needs more CD-4.

And here are the results, I am just exposing small pieces of film of course. But now that I have a direction I am leaving for a photo walk and I will expose an entire film 24 exp..
Example 1
Example 2
Final note: The results could be better if I already had a digitizer. In fact, depending on the digital camera settings I can have different results. I have got less grain than usual in this experiment.

One of the following steps will be skipping bleach and fixing the film after the coffee developer. I hope to get an image where some black will also play a role in the picture. And if it works, we will have a process completely equivalent to B&W processing with the only difference that the film is first soaked in CD-4 to produce some color.

Before I leave home, I made quickly another experiment. Soak exposed film in 3% solution of CD-4 for 5 minutes, develop with caffenol for 10 minutes, bleach and fix. I had better results, just looking the negative. It must dry first. Yesss!

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