Thursday, February 23, 2012

The fear of failure

I intended to develop at 20ºC, but I was afraid it could not work as I wish. So, I started with Bat A at R.T. (16ºC) followed by Bath B heated at 27ºC. After pooring it in the tank not heated the temperature drop to 26ºC and went falling until 24ºC when I stoped bath B, 15 minutes later. The rest as usual, I have to change the bleach bath, next time I will be using Tetenals Blix, before I purchase the products to make a good one.
So, I am convinced that the yellow upper and lower borders are due to the bleach bath. Not only that but also yellow spots spread all over the picture, they became more visble when streching contrast.
All other baths were made at R.T., no temperature needed.

Now, tomorrow 20ºC and 20 minutes development. The 15 minutes were OK for the 26-24ºC.

24-26ºC @ 15 minutes development

24-26ºC @ 15 minutes development
24-26ºC @ 15 minutes development

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