Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My scanner arrives on 5th March

I decided to buy a photo scanner to show the results of this long experiments, trying to involve coffee in color development. At the end I may just come to the conclusion that it goes better without coffee if we want realy quality photos and not this kind of photo-paintings I have been doing until now.

Today I didn't shoot a single photo, I was too busy looking for chemicals. I bought pure sodium carbonate from Solvay, my stock of this substance was finished and it is always an adventure to explain in the shops what I want and what for. First of all, when I say I use it for making pictures, they say «but nowadays you have digital, why don't you buy a digital camera?», then I answer that I like old pictures, bla, bla, bla. In the drugstores they have other names for the substances, it is really complicated. But I am learning the common names and what they are still used for. Some day, all things will be digital, including drinking and eating.

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