Saturday, February 18, 2012

Preparing the color developing kit

I started with the CD-4 powder that I received two days ago. The 50 g were dissolved in one liter warm water. It has a beautiful reddish color. Below you can see the work I had today preparing the concentrates and finally three 1 L bottles filled with Developer, Bleach and Fixer. The last one is normal universal fixer from Foma.

50g CD-4 Powder

Dissolving to make 1 Liter 5% solution

I made 3x330ml bottles of 5% solution of CD-4

250 g Sodium Carbonate to make 1 L solution

I made 3x330 ml 25% solution of Sodium Carbonate

Preparing Bleach bath with Potassium Dichromate and Sulfuric Acid

I made 3x330 ml Bleach concentrated solution

So, this is now the color kit

First developing batch
Tomorrow I will expose a film to be developed with this batch.
Meanwhile I am thinking of buying a digitizer. I heard that the Epson V330 is good enough for domestic users, and I can afford buying it after receiving my salary this month.

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