Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From theory to practice

In the last post I putted an hypothesis, that maybe the Hydroxilamine Sulfate was a kind of B&W developer, like Hydrxylamine itself as referred in the search docs I read.

Now I am testing it, I prepared a 500 ml solution with 1tsp soda and 10 ml Hydroxilamine Sulfate solution, bottle 1 of Tetenal kit.

Putting inside a strip of B&W film there were some bubbles, the surface changed the grey color to a milky color, I waited some 5 minutes and putted it in fixer bath. The fixer dissolved completely the milky substance. Then I tried with a strip of color film and I got no apparent change in the surface color but after putting in the fixer  this strip and another that hasn't been in the 'developer' they were identical in opacity.

This means that the Hydroxilamine Sulfate is perhaps alone at least not a good developer.

My theory has not been confirmed by the practice!

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