Monday, February 6, 2012

Not too little CD4

I am posting two picture, one made with a 500 ml bath with 5 ml CD4 and the other with 15 ml.

15 ml CD4

5 ml CD4
The last picture has more color information than the former, this means that the amount of CD4 must not be exceeded.
The conclusion is, then, let us still keep the recipe unchanged by now, that is to say, 10 ml is a good compromise.
Now I need to control the grain and I wread somewhere, I am not an expert just a lucky man, that to get less grain the pH should be lowered. Well, I am measuring it with some old stripes and it is about 11. But I already ordered a cheap pH meter with precision +/- 0,1 so it will be possible to put the pH lower, near 10, I guess.

I leave you now with one of the photos made with 5 ml CD4 in 500 ml developer bath, showing different colors, they are all there:

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