Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Holgagraphy - 3

I received today some special 35mm B&W rolls that have no sprocket holes at all. This is perfect for the mask I made for the Holga 120 GN, slightly modified. In fact, if the film is 35 mm wide the image can't be 36. So I choosed 33 mm, leaving 1mm margin on both sides. For this width and to get a 2:3 picture, I choosed 22 mm on the other dimension. 22x33 mm instead of 24x36, the difference is small, 8,3% less. The roll is about 1330mm long, exposable lenght, so it is theorethicaly possible to make about 50 photos with this roll, what is fantastic. On the other hand, the rolls have a reusable cartridge and serve to be reloaded and turns the B&W photography really cheap.

Tomorrow I will be shooting with a Holga and with this rolls, to be developed in Parodinal-C 2-bath, one of the cheapest developers too.

The second 120 roll exposed, although I polished the mask, gave also scratches because I had a fels paper making too much pressure on the film. I hope this problem is now completely solved for this new 'technology'.

You may appreciate the quality of the photos that may be obtained in this way, by cutting the outer parts which are not so sharp. Also the developer is great, giving a very good grey scale.

Train station at Caldas

Houses of Caldas

Fruit market

Public water tap

Leiria Shopping

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