Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First time with color and the Horseman camera

I like this tree



A turn on the road

Public hand washing utility
I had not enough time yesterday to write something about these photos. But here am I, almost sleeping, to make a very condensed appreciation. I made a 2 mm in excess mistake in focusing the camera for the photos recquiring infinity. Depending on the aperture they are more or less out of focus. The last one is sharp because I preserved the same distance as the others.

The development was still Dignan's (I have to try caffcol again!) with Blix of ferric EDTA+Ammonium Thiosulfate. No problem with a cheap film of Lomography (I think it is Foma in fact...) 400 ISO. The colors are not that brillant but quite realistic, I like it!

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