Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Horseman sharpness with Wollensak 135mm

I don't have yet a ground glass to adjust focus on my Horseman medium format camera. I have to measure focal distances at home, improvising a ground glass with translucid paper, putting marks along the rail and then going outside and using these marks. As first, I was testing the mark of infinity, letting the others for a next time. I think it is almost done, but a ground glass and a veil opaque to light is necessary for shorter distances in order to get sharper pictures, I think. I never used such kind of cameras and I might beeing telling nonsense. The camera has a side viewer that looks like a telemeter, but I need instructions on how to use it. I see two overlaped pictures which overlaping disadjustment depends on the object distance and this may help to estimate the distance of the object, but I need a rule for that, I am trying to find it. And here are two photos of the last roll with the Horseman:

Example 1

Example 2
The roll was developed with Dignn's 2-bath method, in the meantime this method is giving better results because I decided to extend the developing times to about 10 minutes each, developer's bath A and bath B. You need also more time for bleach or blix at room temperature, about the same 10 minutes or more, depending on the freshness and room temperature.

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