Sunday, October 21, 2012

Professional film medium format

I allways wanted a versatile medium format camera like a Horseman. I found one that was beeing sold without lens and with some minor problems like very used bellows and a broken plastic lock button. But for that price I would have to wait some months or would never come again. So, I bought the camera and I have been studying how it works. On the other hand I have been busy making a lensboard to adapt a Wollensak-Rapax lens 135 mm, f/4.7. It worked very well, better than I expected.

Here is the camera:

Horseman 980 with a Wollensak/Rapax lens/shutter

1/100 s at f/22, developed with homemade parodinal and fixed with salt
One of the set with Fomapan 100 ISO
I must say that the photos of this first roll are almost good. Now, with the increase in the quality of the camera, it is not a Holga anymore but that is another story, I am missing the quality in the scan. In fact I think that these photo scanners are not a very good idea because they introduce many noise, reflected lines, durst (even with the anti-durst software) and they are so miserabily slow. I think I will return to my macros with increased quality, a better rig to digitize the negatives.

Today I exposed two color rolls with the Horseman and they are hanging now to dry. Tomorrow I will show some pictures of this batch.

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