Sunday, September 30, 2012


Aluminum mask
I am very happy that I had the idea of making a mask in the dimensions 24x36 mm for my Holga 120 GN. Some posts ago I showed a paper mask but it was so successful that I decided to make an aluminum mask, something more solid. This mask replaces completely the masks used in Holga, it is another format and for me it has many advantages:

  1. The first advantage is that you expose 27 or 28 photos instead of the maximum of 16 provided by the 45 x 60 mm mask. So, it is cheaper.
  2. The photos are more sharp over the whole image because this is more in the center, cutting the less sharp parts of the image.
  3. The film has a margin where you may hold it without gloves and insert in the scanner or enlarger.
There are also some disadvantages, for instance:
  1. The lens will be used as a tele and not as the normal 60 mm. This disadvantage may be overcome using a wide angle. I am waiting for one I ordered to test. This wide angle will probably bring the image to its normal view.
  2. The image has no vignette at all. If you like the vignetting, you may put it with a free image software  like Photoscape.
  3. The counter of the pictures already exposed is more difficult because the needed correct numbers are not there. You may start counting 15 clicks spacement for the first 4 pictures, 14 for the next 4, 13 for the next 4 and so on, 12 for the next 4 and 11 for the rest.
The first roll exposed with this new mask suffered some scratches because the mask was not polished prior to first use. But it is already polished and the second roll is drying after exposure, today. I may post some photos tomorrow.


Arboretum vignetted with Photoscape
These two pictures have horizontal lines, scratched by the sharp edges of the mask, the problem is already fixed. In the second image I include a soft vignette with Photoscape tools.

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