Monday, September 24, 2012

Sprocket holes and light leaks with a Holga

Two lomographic effects in one series of photos made with a Holga GN. The sprocket holes were intended but not the light leak in the middle. This effect is the result of a not covering conveniently the numbers window.

I used the adapter shown in the last post, it worked perfectly, I counted 28 clicks between photos, in the beginning it was ok, but then I could have reduced to 25 clicks in order to have more photos. They were 16 at all, with the 4,5x6 mask of Holga using a 24 exp. roll made in Japan for Schlecker supermarkets. It was a rainy dark day, the film is underexposed and was not compensated at the development, using Dignan's 2-bath method at room temperature. Color films are very tolerant to under and overexposures; with the help of the software Photoscape it was possible to extract some images.

Here are some examples:

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