Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tavira, a nice place to live

In my recent vacations in Algarve, I made some photos with my film camera Canon TLB. This camera has a light leak but I couldn't fix it yet. I can't find where it is and why it only lets light come in sometimes and not always. I am getting used to this leak and maybe it is not so bad to have some pictures with spots like people like nowadays with the lomographic fashion.

These pictures are from the same roll of the last posts. Also developed with Dignan's 2-bath developer and Blix bath of ferric ammonium EDTA plus amonnium Thiosulfate. I am about using another bleach and fixing process next time I develop color pictures. I am going to use povidone-iodine, an over-the-counter drug used to clean wounds or in hospitals to prepare patients skin prior to surgery. Betadyne is a commercial brand of this substance. As fixer I will use common salt, as already tested with black and white film.
This means that the only special chemical I will use in color C-41 process will be CD-4. All my efforts to replace it with another product failled until now. If you have any suggestion it is welcome.

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