Friday, January 27, 2012

Another coffee, please!

I have stopped the works for today, but I want to share the last experience with you. Very promising, I think. For you that appreciate coffee  like me, I have good news. In the last experiment, I proceeded like I promised below, and I used this recipe:

2 tsp washing soda
2 tsp coffee
45 ml Tetenal Colortec developer mixed with the three components to make 1 liter

40 minutes developing time, semi-stand (1 minute turning every 5 minutes), 40 ºC temperature

And here is what I got:

The negative, again more green but less than former

After positivation with GIMP

After applying an automatic tread called 'normalize' in GIMP

Finaly hand adjust of contrast and luminosity. This time automatic white balance is worst than hand adjust.

Obs.: For me, it is now clear that coffee and CD4 may work together, not competing but completing one each other. In the next experiment, tomorrow, I will increase Tetenal  to 60 ml and maintain developing time and temperature in the 40's.

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Henrique Sousa said...

I am working again in the next step, just increasing the Tetenal portion to 60ml. I think I will stop now for a while, or not, waiting for the CD4. But to have a idea of what will happen I may try only cerca 5 to 10 ml only of the 3rd component of the Tetenal Developer witch I think has CD4 and maybe not other stuff.