Saturday, January 28, 2012

Well, let us resume

It is perhaps time to choose a recipe, maybe not what I desired but what is possible with my means and understanding.
In the last experience, photos bellow, I used the following recipe for the developer, after knowing what was on the bottles of Tetenal Colortec Kit:
500 ml water
10 ml of the solution of Tetenal (2.nd Part of the developer) that contains 1-5% p-phenylenediamine derivate.
2 tsp. sodium carbonate (washing soda from the drugstore)
2 tsp. soluble coffee (the cheapest one)
water to make 700 ml

Remarks: like for the other best results, the negative has a greenish appearance, when 'positivated' it changes to a magenta like tone. Any image treatment program is able to correct the colour. The picture will probably present more grain than usual but may serve artistic purposes. The negative is weak and more developing time doesn't make it better, I tried already, perhaps an overexposure should be tested in addition.
The bleach and fix procedures, as well as the stabilization, are to be done with commercial ones but my purpose is to search more, and produce homemade products for bleach and fix.
In addition, another possibility for a Cafenolcolor process is being studied and will be tested soon. Keep on watching.

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