Saturday, January 28, 2012

Studying Tetenal information on the three bottles, the first bottle contains Hydroxylamine sulfate, the second contains CD4, a p-Phenylenediamine derivate, the third contains only Sodium Carbonate, that is to say, Washing Soda.
If, then, I am getting results replacing only the Hydroxylamine sulfate, a very hazardous substance, this means that the coffee can be used as neutralizer/stabilizer and not only as developer. There was an increase in quality when putting only 2 tsp of coffee instead of the 4. Well, maybe just one tsp? I shall try.

Increasing Tetenal developer to 60 ml, brought NO quality increase in the negatives. Above is one of the photos that could be developed also with just 30 ml, I think. Recipe for the next experiment:

30 ml Tetenal developer or just 5 ml of the second bottle
1 tsp coffee
2 tsp washing soda
Temperature and time at the 40's.

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Henrique Sousa said...

This last recipe was flop! 1 tsp coffe is not enough, negative becomes very dark, image quality decreases. I'll not even post on this experiment.