Monday, January 30, 2012

Am I creating a myth or is it really true?

Someone made a comment at Flickr, suspecting that it is all fake, the photos I am posting are not developed like I say. I am not offended, it is normal, this fellow knows me from nowhere, I may be a trickster.
Readers must gain confidence, it is not possible to try every trash that we see.

OK, let us put here some stuff that may make you confident. The photos posted in the internet are not, of course, the original ones. Mine have to be digitized with one of my digital cameras, Sony DSC-W170 or Olympus FE 4050. I don't have a digitizer, a cheap one is worst than mine, I already tried.
One negative film developed with Caffcol looks like this, a little greener.

The positive of this negative, without any treatment would look like this, after cropping the image:

Caffcol result without more

At this point the photo is already in digital form and can be treated (digitally developed) to give then this one:

Digitally treated photo

I think, personally, this is already something. But I am also convinced that the process will grow, with help of others. And there is a lot of work to be done for a homemade C41 to be true. Bleach and fix baths need to be made too, and CD4 should, if possible, be found in some everyday product, hair dyes maybe.

Finally I show you some photos of my digitizer, homemade, like most of my things:

Homemade digitizer with my Sony DSC-W170

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