Friday, January 27, 2012

I need some coffee

I may now say that my intuition was not wrong, coffee is a great stuff, it will be preserved in the next experiences.
I accepted the suggestion of the commenter ErikP and made a soup only with soda and Tetenal developer, leaving coffee apart. The results are a disaster. Only a mix of color dyes and no clear image definition. Yes, there may be other reasons for that and I simply can't see. Waiting comments!

The negative is dark and more red:

Positivation with GIMP gives bright colors.

Automatic white balance with GIMP gives this:

Observations: One could expect, according to the theory, a better negative with more colour and definition. The reality shows that the approach with coffee and only 30 ml Tetenal is better. I am now thinking what will be the next try. Maybe reduce coffee quantity and increase Tetenal to let us say only 45 ml. Because the shift to red is good, but there was a lost of definition.


ErikP said...

I would not declare total disaster, because you left out an important data-point:
Soda and 30 ml Tetenal alone! You need to test everything, you're out all on your lonesome here.....

Try that and THEN go to the logical step : 50% Tetenal and then..... 100% Tetenal.

I think you're groping blind when you reach for coffee, it will never give you what you want, because it is competing with Tetenal for the exposed silver-grains, as far as I can see....

Same story if you reach for something far cleaner than that coffee : ascorbic acid, or change to a modern developing agent like phenidone, I'm afraid you just spend time, with no viable hope of success.

I appreciate all your hard work, have done a lot of that myself, some failures, some sucesses, do yourself a favor, look up a source for CD4 or CD3 on the Net, mix a very basic & simple developer, and see if the mix can be balanced or altered to give real color and correct ISO, as it stands we do not have images that granny would pay for.

Henrique Sousa said...

I already know 100% Tetenal, it's OK like it should! CD4 will come the next but I guess coffee is not competing with CD4, they are helping each other. Remember that coffee alone is a very weak stuff in developing, leaving the most part to CD4. But there is no good image without a little of black providing contrast and definition. It will be different but still a new thing.

Henrique Sousa said...

Only 30 ml Tetenal and soda will give only a weaker negative, but the same spot of dyes spread over the film, I guess. But I'll try for completion.