Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Second experience

In the first experience I made a bath of normal Cafenol, that is to say, 2 tsp washing soda + 4 tsp soluble coffee and water to make 700 ml. Then I added just a little of Tetenal color developer (perhaps 20ml), already mixed and used alone to develop color negative film normally. It worked as you have seen below in the firs post.

Well, this showed me that perhaps if we add a little P-Phenylenediamine to Cafenol it may work as color developer. And where is P-Phenylenediamine in common household substances? Hair dye! Today I bought a package of hair dye where one can see that it contains P-Phenylenediamine.

Well, I followed the same procedure as for the first time and instead of Tetenal color developer, I puted just 5 ml of this hair dye component wich is also called the color developer. Wait a minute... I made a mistake!!! I used the wrong emulsion! I must repeat tomorrow the experience? No, I will use a flash now.

The result is obviously the same you get when using b&w developer alone and the bleach washes the silver out!!!

Here is one of the best negatives, that was not washed out totally.

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