Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Workshop about homemade Photography

Last weekend I was invited by some students of a college in Caldas da Rainha to teach them how to prepare their own chemicals for B&W photography at home, with products they may buy at the corner.
They were 10 participants, 5 on Saturday and other 5 on Sunday the whole day along.
Common-Salt and sodium thiosulfate as fixers, vinegar or old fixer as stop bath and one of the methods of preparing Parodinal that I use. They took photographs with medium format cheap cameras and developed them to see the results. They were very happy and payed me for the expenses, about 15 euros/each and they went home with a developed 120 roll film supplied  by me, 1 kg salt, vinegar and 250 ml Parodinal in a bottle.

4 of the Saturday group (the fifth was at the darkroom)
The next workshop will be about color photography using products you can buy at the next drugstore.

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