Saturday, May 5, 2012

It is time for Caffcol III

Caffcol III is a homemade color developer for C41 color negative films, that I invented and its recipe is like this:


Homemade process for color negative films

Temperature - 35 ºC

Developer CAFFCOL III (H. Sousa) - 30 minutes minimum duration, 45 minutes recommended.
1 tsp sodium carbonate, aka washing soda
4 tsp soluble coffee
10 ml of a 1:1,5 solution of professional Hair Dye

water to make 500 ml
Bleach and fix as usual.

Have fun developing your films with hair dye, but look after the Ingredients, if it is a PPD-free hair dye it will not work. Some kits have several bottles, but only one, the color developer is what you need, the one where in the ingredients comes something similar to p-phenilaminediamine (PPD).

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4
Self-criticism: we can't speak of color, but what you see is also not silver because it was bleached and fixed out. I will be tuning this by rising the temperature and adjusting the film speed. This film looks overexposed because I used it like 50 ISO and it was 100 ISO. Maybe at 40ºC and 45 minutes development the results are better.

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