Saturday, May 5, 2012


Yesterday I made a sort of daguerreotypes that I will call, modestly, «henritypes» in honor to me, ehehehehe!

Well, you already know my developer-tank, and you already know my recipe for monobath.

So, the henritype consists in a film developed in the monobath made of 1 liter water with 300 g salt dissolved and 10 ml meta-parodinal. The development takes the longer the better, maybe something between 16 and 24 hours at room temperature.

The good side is that you may use the negative as direct positive by reflecting with a black surface as background or as normal negative by transparency. You may scan it as positive with a normal scanner, or as negative with a film scanner or with macro using a digicam.

Direct positiv on film with black background

Positivation of the negative by transparency with digicam macro

Unfortunately, in this 'first', experiment (I already noticed that in a former experiment), I forgot adding the developer to the bath, what I did after starting pouring the salt solution. This gave a transition zone in the whole negative, that made the things a little unsatisfying.

All this was made with a camera Agfa Box Synchro bought at the flea markt for 30 euro, cheap film fomapan 100 ISO at 3.5 euro in and a homemade developer tank from a cookies box with homemade chemicals.

Agfa Box Synchro adapted for interchangeable lenses
Direct scann color

Direct scan B&W

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