Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I thank you all for your visits

I started this blog last end of January, 3 months ago more or less, I already have 3000 visitors from all the greenish countries of the map. I realize that I have been working hard and getting some results to share with you and I hope you will recognize my efforts. Besides, I don't speak English but, to make the blog more visible, I decided to undertake an extra effort putting my posts and pages in English, a language that will meet more people than my poor Portuguese. But don't forget, you may translate any page to your own language, using the Google translator. And that Google offers you the opportunity of rewarding the blogs you like with their Ads politics.

So, being more clear, please help to keep this blog in a good level. I need scanner, I need chemicals, I need films, I need cameras, I need raw materials and tools, if you want to send your obsolete photo materials, I would be very grateful too, please contact me for the adress, if it is your case.

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