Tuesday, May 1, 2012

At the rear of my flat

Without the consent of the neighbors, and because today is a rainy day and I don't want to go to the field like yesterday I did and spoiled an entire roll with too much of all components of the developer (I only got a stain), I decided, after experimenting with a tail of film, to expose some from my balcony to the rear. All 4 photos are in good conditions, I am very happy with the results, good density in all pictures.

I only need to extract more color than it is giving. But I developed only at 25ºC and maybe with a little more hair dye it would be better. By the way, this time I set the ISO at 50 instead of 100 of the film. It was a good decision because I have the impression I gave too little time: 30 minutes development.

I don't want to disclosure now this recipe, before I am more satisfied with the result. It promises. And, look, I used the same professional italian hair dye like in the first fiasco.

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