Saturday, March 9, 2013

United Colors of Coffee

Caffenol Strong again!

Like announced before, the developer I called Caffenol Strong has some awesome properties. One of these properties is that the negative acquires, not a coffeelike color but rather the opposite, a blueish look at transparency. The inverted color becomes more like coffee color. The picture bellow was scanned as negative color without any adjustments. With software I corrected luminosity and contrast and a little focus because the camera was refurbished and the new lens is a bit out of focus which I also tryed to make better using an aperture of f/22. The color is the color seen by the scanner as if the film was a color negative.

On the other hand, if I accept the automatic correction of the scanner, I get the second picture. Note that it is not full grey scale, it has a kind of Ilford Multigrade IV paper look.

Finally, the third picture was converted in pure grey scale with the software Photoscape. It is a B&W picture now, like most of the people is pretending to reach.

UCC-3 = B&W
I propose that, depending also on the picture, all three possibilities should be considered in the final result. And if we are developing with coffee it seems obvious that the picture has some coffee color in it. And this happens, at least using Fomapan 100, naturally, without need to colorize the original.

The second look may give very interesting results, like the one below:


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