Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Caffenol Strong and a little color

I have a secret faith, I believe that I will someday be capable of developing C41 films without the special substance CD4 a paraphenilenediamine derivative present in C41 developers. But until this day comes, I go on experimenting. Some people claim to develop color with hair dye but I never saw acceptable results of this. I had luck too sometimes but never was able to reproduce the result.

The work solution of Caffenol Strong, which is almost only soda, I use to discard. But the last two times I decided to keep the work solution and give it a second chance.

Last weekend I drove some 100 km around my town and took some pictures with a dsposable camera, while driving. The weather was clowdy and rainy with the Sun showing from time to time. It was nice to drive under this weather conditions.

Once at home, I decided to develope the film in Caffenol Strong to which I added 10ml of a 1/2 liter solution of hair dye in water. A 60ml tube dissolved in water. If no color would be developed, at least I would have a B&W negative. In fact we can't speak yet of color process but some pictures were nice to see when scanned as color negatives.

Example 1
Example 2

Example 3
Example 4
The pics above suggested me to colorize them with blue, specially the number 1 that resulted a little blueish. And the result is to be seen bellow:
Example 1 - Blue
Example 2 - Blue
Example 3 - Blue
Example 4 - Blue
OK! I didn't get color yet, but my faith is not touched, I will continue trying and trying.

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