Saturday, March 16, 2013

My cat is my model

Recently a friend (girl) of my youngest daugther bought a film camera, a Nikon F50. It works full automatic, like a DSLR, automatic film transport, automatic focus and exposure or speed according to film speed, which is also automatic set, the camera reads the bar code at the film cartridge. It can work manual too and it is a SLR, so a very nice piece indeed.

I don't know where she bought the camera but maybe at the flee markt or ebay. The camera was not working and she already tryied to change the lithium 6V battery and didn't work too. She asked my daughter whether her father (me) could take a look. And the camera is there, on the table, and works fine now. The problem was just to pull the contacts of the battery and apply a spray to clean them. To be sure that the camera was working properly, I exposed a 24 exp. film and developed it with Dignan's developing 2-bath method.

Automatic focus and exposure with Nikon F50

This 2-bath developer, at room temperature, tend to give violetish pictures. This is not a serious issue because the color correction is easy with adequate software. I use Photoscape, a free program which makes photo treatment very easy.

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