Sunday, May 12, 2013

Going a little more professional

Yesterday I have been replacing the bellows of a Horseman 980 I bought at ebay not so expensive. The bellows were announced at ebay as fitting the horseman but they were a little too large, I hade to use some tricks but finally it is working and no light leaks were found.

The lens I am using is a Wollensack 135 mm f/4,7, in a selfmade lensboard. This lens are very good but I didn'y succeed yet to get the image totally sharp. The lens for horseman need a foccusing cam to let you use the range finder, but this one hasn't and at ebay they sell these small pieces of iron for a lot of money. Someday I build one myself.

So, before going outside, I lost a certain time to find the right position for the focus at infinity. I failed a little, the images could be better.

The horseman takes 10 pics with a 120 film loaded in the back, it may also use film sheets with the right holders.

I used this time my last developer, Caffenol Super Strong (CSS), with splendid results. No fog and no spots and very little grain too. Definitly the spots were a problem with the fixer of ammonium thiosulfate. This time I used sodium thiosulfate and the negatives are completely nice.

A hill of houses

Small expensive bridge
Along the river Lis

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