Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Direct positive on normal photographic paper

Based on the recipe described by Donald Qualls here, I tried to make direct positive on paper. I had not the recipe present and did the test just by remembering the principle. The essential is to make a first development which gives negative, wash the silver (bleach), exposure of the reminding silver halides that form the positive image and develope again. So I did and I have got some pictures. I need to make some more work, Adjusting exposure and times of the baths. Also I skiped the clearing bath because I didn't remember of it.


Less underexoposed
I used as developer the homemade Parodinal and the bleach as described by Donald Qualls. I can't say why the well exposed pictures remained negatives and only the underexposed suffered inversion. I was just playing a little by feeling with the times and so on. Next time I will follow the original recipe and I might get better results.

The last one looks like a daguerreotype, I like it!

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