Sunday, May 5, 2013

Adox, CSS, Shangai and Hypo

As I already told in this blog, I discovered by chance a superaditivity between Caffenol Strong and the color developer CD-4. To the new soup I called Caffenol Super Strong, or simply CSS. I prepared 500 ml of the stock solution and this is enough for 50 films, each using 10ml for a 500ml batch working solution. I am going to add this recipe to the page of recipes of this blog later on.

Looking for cheap films, I ordered some 120 films of the brand Shangai to be exposed in one of the new acquired ADOX Golf 63. I did expose the film in the camera, it was a clear day, I used the f/16 rule. With the shutter speed at 1/200s I used apertures between f/6.3 and f/11. The camera needs an adjustment in the focusing system, the photos are not very sharp.

Using the CSS, I developed the film for 15 minutes in semi-stand, then stop bath of 20% vinagre and finally a fixer made from sodium sulfite and sulfur boiling for half an hour in a glass jar. This is the Sodium Thiosulfate, it is much softer tha Ammonium Thiosulfate and it does not produce the well known white spots that I already reported before.

I think the film was a little underdeveloped (the amount of KBr is critical), instead of 15 minutes, maybe extending to 20, 25 or even 30 minutes. Next time.

Due to bad focus, some spots caused by accident handling the film and so on, I used the software to create some pieces of photoArt. Here are some:

Abandoned house
Milagres, Leiria


Shooting against the sun
West Line II
West Line I

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