Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Great advances in Black and White

I may declare here that I succeeded to make a one-bath developer-fixer, that is to say, with only one bath the film is processed, developed and fixed, white areas will be transparent and black areas a sort of sepia, brownish. But this is just the first announcement, there may be nuances to this, the film is still wet and will be dried and scanned in a few hours.
The assumptions I have made did work, that is the important. I calculated the exact amount of ingredients and time. I did close the film in the tank, poured the developer-fixer and waited the time estimated to the process to be finished. And it was finished. I don't know if it took less time, of course. But if so, still better.
By now, the process took some hours to be considered finished, I will not say how many but much less than 24 hours.
Now, be patient and wait for the results. The camera was an half-format AMI from Poland bought at ebay. The pictures were shoot in the early hours of today and then I started making the «soup» for the process and the process is now complete, only the time to dry and scan.

Monobath developer-fixer

Monobath developer-fixer


Caffenol Carioca said...

Parabéns meu caro. passe os detalhes quando estiveris pronto.

BTW acabo de criar meu blog.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, amigo! Vou adicionar aos parentes!