Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to color and coffee

I think that with the first developer, Caffcol I, it is ready to use, no more changes will be done. It gives acceptable results using a film scanner instead of the macros that I have been doing before. Some of the photos made in Caffcol I deserved  very good references in Flickr and Facebook where they were also showed.

Now I am using a two bath developer witch I will call Caffcol II, consisting in a first bath of the color developer CD-4 alone with metabisulfite as preservative and a second bath of just Caffenol made with NaOH, caustic soda. I had some disasters with this, because the cheap pH-meter was measuring wrong, giving higher values than the real ones and the films were very weak. I recalibrated it with distilled water but I concluded that the pH stripes, although not allowing fine measuring, are more confident. So, I am back to the old times, measuring with pH stripes and scanning with macros because I returned the Epson V330 to the seller because it started making scratches in the pictures.

Yesterday I made a trip to Caldas da Rainha with an old diesel train, to visit one of my daughters, and I took my Olympus Pen Trip 35 with a color film of Lomography 100 ISO. Once back, I developed it in Caffcol II and I am not very unhappy with the results. They could be better but may be a scanner could enhance these macros I am going to show you now.

Example 1
Example 2

Example 3

Example 4
Example 5

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