Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why do I get color with B&W negatives?

Because I am not satisfied with the quality of the photos from color negatives scanned in my normal scanner modified to scan transparencies, I am making now more experiments with black and white negatives. I like 120 film Fomapan 100 because it is good and cheap. And I love the square or almost square format that the cheap 120 lomographic cameras do.
To scan black and white, my scanner is good enough and for medium format is ideal. I used an Agfa Isola I to make a roll of pictures, 12, and I choosed one of them to make several types of digitization.

Normal scanner tunned to scan transparencies set to B&W

The same negative scanned with normal scanner but set to color
The same negative photographed with a digital camera set to incandescent light. White balance auto in GIMP.
The same negative but fixed automatic with the digital camera in Edit/Perfect fix. White balance with GIMP.
The last photo is almost a color photo. There were yellow flowers on the field and green grass. The white spot in the middle of all these photos is a light leak of the Agfa camera at the window where the numbers pass.

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