Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some vacation photographs

I spent a few days in the Algarve where, along with digital photos, I also took some pictures on film. Once at home, the digital passed through the software Photoscape where they have been enhanced or, at least, adjusted to my taste. The films were developed in the 2-bath Dignan's developer, with which I am now more confident and will continue to use for a while. Because the bath A, CD-4 + Sodium Sulfite may be reused I decided to adopt following strategy: I prepared 1 liter of it and each time it is used, it will decrease some mililiters. But this is the amount needed to develop a film and no less and no more. When the volume of bath A is not enough to cover the film I lay it out and make a fresh one again. Bath B is always fresh prepared and used once. At the same time as bath B finishes the blix will be replaced too because it will be more and more diluted with the time, increasing the duration of the bath to a too long time. In this way I don't need to count the number of films developed, everything happens with a natural event, the finishing of bath A.

And now some photos of Tavira, Algarve, a wonderful place to visit for vacation.

Film pictures

Salt flats

The central garden of the village Tavira

A view of one fishing harbour of Tavira 

Fishing at the river in Tavira

Trees in Tavira

Salt flats again

Sight of the Tavira lagoon

I spent one evening at the annual Medieval Fair in Castro Marim. I took photos with my Sony DSC-W170, not usinng the built-in flash. Only the normal public lightning and medieval torches present at the fair.

Digital pictures

Castro Marim, one of its monuments at night

Fortification at Castro Marim by night from the castle

A view of the town Castro Marim by night from the castle

Medieval tournament at Castro Marim, inside the castle

Tents inside the castle of Castro Marim at the Medieval Fair

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