Monday, August 20, 2012

AGFA & Lomography

I had an Agfa Isola I which shutter was not working like it should and then I bougth an Agfa Isola at ebay. These two cameras use the same body but have different lens and shutters, the Agfa Isola has a better set of shutter-lens installed.

Unfortunatly the Agfa Isola bougth at ebay fell to the floor and broke the body. So I decide to change the set of shutter and lens to the Agfa Isola I. The mechanism that connects the release button to the shutter had to be changed with an openning on the extension tube. This oppening caused a light leak and all photos have more or less a kind of comet on the upper left corner. On the other hand it seems that the images are a little blurry, the lens is not at the right distance of the film surface.

I loaded the camera with a film of Lomography (in fact Fomapan?), 400 ASA, and shot the 12 photos below. Then I developed the film with Dignan's two bath developer at room temperature and Blix of ferric EDTA and Ammonium Thiosulfate. The film is OK, good colors (I find). But the images are out of focus, so I used them in the software Photoscape to make some 'watercolors'. This a suggestion for blurry pictures.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 10

Photo 11

Photo 12

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