Monday, March 19, 2012

I am disappointed with the Epson scanner

I was posting macros made with a self made rig and a digital cheap camera. But they were not good enough to show the results of the experiments. Somebody insisted with me I should buy a photo scanner, and I did. I bought an Epson V330 that only can scan 35mm without the sprocket holes. Then I joined a group of disappointed too and I learned that a macro of a negative needs a very good lighting and the camera should be set to ISO 100 or less. So, I improved my rig and now I will be giving the stinky scanner back, it already started making strange noises and scratching the glass from inside. On the other hand, my rig is much better than it was before and produces excellent pictures now.

The parts of the rig
Assembled ready to shoot
Scanned with my rig

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