Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Does another B&W developer work like caffenol?

Today I exposed a stripe of three photos and developed it in a two bath developer like I have been doing with caffenol but instead I used parodinal diluted 1:50 during 20 minutes. The rest as usual, bleach of dichromate and fixer. Something is to be seen but only tomorrow will be posted, must still dry and I have to sleep.

Stay tuned and you will see. But there is still something to adjust in the second clor developer, Caffcol II, the split developing method. One thing I could test, CD-4 can be stored with addition of sodium metabisulfite, it remains usable, it is preserved from oxidation, I think.

Another experiment I should repeat one of these days is the B&W reversal with color film using caffenol or both cafenol and parodinal, one for the first and other for the second developer. Without CD-4 or with very little. Lots of ideas, some will give bad results but even that is worth.

Parodinal doesn't work together with CD-4

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