Monday, March 17, 2014

I have been absent so long...

I am sorry, time is not enough for Facebook, Flickr, Ipernity and making photos and developing and scanning and posting and also write about the work done.

So, if nothing new has been tested or experimented, normaly the blog stays without changes.

But you are lucky that I have made more advances and I have a B&W developer recipe, very simple, and lots of photos to show, both B&W and color. In color I want to start a series of experiments around the Dignan's 2-bath developer in order to establish a chart of parameters like pH and temperature and what we may obtain of it.

I have a technical problem to solve but maybe someone knows how it works. I want to classify the color negatives I produce according to their state of development, if they are weak or strong and the color shift, etc. Is there a software that combined with the scanner cann measure a color negative?

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