Monday, July 2, 2012

Photos and Art

What do I have in mind with all these experiments? Developing color with coffee, using different bleach baths and even the fixer sometimes, although since Herschel nobody knows that common salt can fix photos.

In fact, all these experiments have a purpose, to make photos with a different look, an artistic look. Yesterday I went for a walk in my neighborhood and took an Agfa Solina (35 mm) with me and took all 36 photos of an Agfa Plus 100 ISO film.

Once at home, I was wondering what to do with the roll. Well, since I tried Dignans method, witch doesn't need temperature to work, you may develop at room temperature, I think all other methods are obsolet. So, instead of going the classic C-41, I undertook development after Dignan. The same first bath that I already used several times and will use and use again. The second with a few grams of Sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate until pH=11,7. 0,5 g of Potassium Bromide for 500 ml and that is all. The Potassium Bromide I already made a 2% solution of it, and from this I took 25ml.

The last time I used Franz Dietrich's bleach bath, I realised that the film was not all equal. This and the fact that I have not been using ferric EDTA for a long time, gave me the impulse to use this instead of Dietrich's.

On the other hand, it was the first try with this camera Agfa Solina and one adventure is enough each time. OK, I shut up but I only want to tell you that the camera is fantastic. The photos came up with a very nice color, here and there some transversal spots (I think I didn't stir the bleach enough) but in all a very ppositive result. Some of the photos served as original for more artistic work with the software PhotoScape.  example. One of the photos with transversal spots
The same photo in aquarela style with Photoscape

2.nd example. This is ok!

Another aquarela with Photoscape

3.rd example

Aquarela from above with Photoscape example.

Aquarela from above

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