Thursday, June 7, 2012

The naked camera

Well, I bought at ebay a very cheap 35mm camera, with the shutter not working properly, like announced. Besides, aperture stuck and shutter blocked when camera is set to infinity. I started taking pieces from it to repair other simpler cameras, thinking that such a sophisticated camera, a Konica auto S2 with 45MM F1.8 Hexanon Lens, would be difficult to repair. And I went on taking pieces until it was reduced to a simple model where I could understand how it works, why the shutter was blocked and the aperture stuck. But all the automatic was gone, no need for battery, it is now a manual adjustable camera, and is much lighter than it was first, without unnecessary pieces that makes the camera strike.
Well, here are some photos of the camera and believe me or not it is working perfectly, manually.
The problem with the aperture was a small spring that keeps the aperture opened that need replacement. And the shutter blocked was just because somebody already tried to repair and putted a long screw instead of a shorter one and this screw was preventing the shutter to work only when it rotates to infinity. This caused the shutter release to be actuated and no further movement was possible. Just a small screw that perhaps disappeared and was replaced by a longer one. One of the two screws that sustains the black waist around the distance crank ring.

Without shutter/lens

Lens back to body
Here I had to file a little
View from the back
I think the next weekend I will be photographing with this camera, lens f:1,8 great opportunity to try this precious lens.

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