Saturday, August 25, 2012

I will be back soon, I hope!

Some days outside my home in the sunny Algarve, Portugal.

I took an analog camera with me, a Canon TLB, a SRL camera that still works very well, I love that camera. I will expose some two 36 exp. films to be developed at home, next week. Color film, Agfa Plus 100 ISO.

It is very hot to be outside now, lunch intermission until 17:00. Then I am going for a walk in the inner part of the village, Tavira, where I am. Yesterday I visited the salt flats and I could realize where the salt I use as fixer in Photography comes from, as an example. Marine salt of the same quality, I mean. It is amazing how much work must be done to produce the salt and, at the same time, how cheap the stuff is.

Until next week!

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