Saturday, October 4, 2014

Universal developer?

The name universal developer is used for developers that can be used to develop film or paper. Rodinal and its variations are universal developers in that sense.

But I intend to make a developer that can be used for B&W and color films and for B&W paper. For color paper I think it will not work, but one may try too.

I could develop a little color using only a homebrewed parodinal. This showed me that it is a base for the future universal developer I want to reach. The photo below was developed with a 1:25 solution of my parodinal and a very small amount of the color developer CD4. This amount is only 0.2g pro 500ml work solution. The only pictures I developed until now exhibit a very warm color, like this:

After this result, I am now preparing a batch of «Colordinal», a concentrate developer to be used like Rodinal, in 1:25, 1:50, 1:100 solutions and that can be used to develop B&W and color films and B&W paper. Basically I replaced a part of Paracetamol with CD4. The solution was prepared yesterday and can be used soonner next Tuesday.

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