Saturday, October 18, 2014

Maybe a new kind of alternative photography

Now that I know that the developer parodinal does give very faint colors when used to develop C-41 films, I decided to make a parodinal containing more Acetaminophen than usual to be used as a multipurpose developer. I exposed today a Kodacolor 200 roll and I developed it in this new parodinal in dilution 1:25 at about 40ºC for 7 minutes.

I was positively surprised with the results. It is not color in the common sense it is something between color and sepia. Not an alternative to C-41, but a new photographic approach for hobbyists.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a perfect newbie and I'm planning to use parodinal. I don't understand if after the parodinal I stil have to use bleach bath or not. Could I skip to fix bath? thank you very much and thank you for your great works!

Henrique Sousa said...

Thank you for commenting and forgive me for the delay. I only saw today your comment. Answering your question, yes and no: I used as bleach Iodopovidone 10%, sold at pharmacies, a Iodine tincture substitute. But only about 10 minutes to clear the filter masks. Some silver will stay on film, if you bleach longer only a faint color image will be visible. The Parodinal I used was as follows:

Solution A:

150 ml hot water from tap
40 g Paracetamol
60 g Potassium Metabissulfite
Water to make 250 ml

Solution B:
150 ml water
40 g Sodium Hydroxide
Water to make 250 ml


Put 150 ml water @ 55ºC in a beaker. Smash with a mortar 40 x 1000mg tablets of Paracetamol and pour to the beaker and stir to dissolve. It will not dissolve all. Smash 60g Potassium Metabissulfite and add to the solution of paracetamol. Add water to make 250 ml. It doesn't matter if it doesn't dissolve all too.

Put 150 ml cold water in a beaker and add 40g Sodium hydroxide. Stir and complete to make 250 ml.

Add solution B still hot to A and stir in a warm bath until you get a homogeneous clear or slightly milky solution. Let it stand for 72 hours before using.